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San Francisco is a popular international tourist destination, renowned for its chilly summer fog - from which it derives its nickname Fog City, steep rolling hills, eclectic mix of Victorian and modern architecture and its famous landmarks, including the Golden Gate Bridge, the cable cars, and Chinatown.

San Francisco is among the three most popular cities in the world. The city is romantic, free and very multifaceted, here you can find almost everything and meet almost all types of people - hippies, sexual minorities, rebellious students etc. Some people call San Francisco the city of dreams and not without a reason.
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The main components of the image of a city are geographical, cultural, ethnic and historical. They create the internal microclimate of the city, its internal communications. A city image means the historically formed image of the city as a subject of social relations in the region or country, due to national, social and cultural factors, which is manifested in communicative attributes. San Francisco has a very strong attractive tourist image with interesting historical facts connected with the territory, beautiful landscapes, the beauty of architectural structures, the spirit of freedom in culture and relationship.

The cosmopolitan and colourful San Francisco is one of the most famous cities in the United States. And not only there. The inhabitants of the Californian city-country are around 808,976 (2008 estimation). The city is the cultural, transportation, and financial centre of the San Francisco Bay Area with population of 7.4 million individuals. San Francisco is positioned at the tip of the Peninsula and includes important stretches of San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean within its borders.

Nowadays, San Francisco is one of the most visited tourist destination worldwide, well-known with its cool summer mist, sheer rolling hills, incredible mix of modern and Victorian architecture and its legendary landmarks, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, the Alcatraz Island, the Ocean Beach, the cable cars, Chinatown etc. The city is also a main financial and banking centre, and the home of more than 30 intercontinental financial institutions. All of this makes San Francisco one of the most visited places all over the world.

San Francisco includes numerous islands, like Alcatraz, Yerba Buena Island, Treasure Island, Red Rock Island, a small portion of Alameda Island, Farallon Islands, and the Angel Island. The total area of the city including the water is just about 600 square kilometres. San Francisco is also known for its hills. There are over 50 hills in the limits of the city. Some of the neighbourhoods are named after the hill on which they are placed, such as Pacific Heights, Russian Hill, the Alamo Square (named after the Alamo Hill), and Nob Hill. The pair of hills laying at one of the highest points of the city is called Twin Peaks and it forms an admired spot for overlook. The tallest hill (282 m high) in San Francisco is Mount Davidson. Dominating in this area is also the Sutro Tower – big white and red television and radio transmission tower.

The close by Hayward Faults and San Andreas are accountable for a lot of earthquake activity, but none of them passes physically all the way through the city. The Fault of San Andreas slipped and was responsible for the earthquakes in 1906 and 1989. Negligible earthquakes happen from time to time. The risk of major earthquakes have affect on infrastructure of the city’s development.

The San Francisco Top Attractions are the Golden Gate Bridge, “The Rock” or Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Park, the Exploratorium, the Fisherman’s Wharf, the Ocean Beach of San Francisco, the Cable Cars of San Francisco, Chinatown, the Italian neighbourhood, Alamo Square, and the Red-and-White Ferry. Of course, there are many other places of interest as well.

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